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The purpose of this platform is to network with other business owners to generate referrals for your business. Members of a group will meet online on a weekly basis and will promote their business and ultimately learn about the other members’ businesses. This platform allows all participants to ask questions, provide support on their products, learn about other businesses and will get to know the other business owners. Essentially, referrals done via word of mouth is of immeasurable value.



ADSSA (a division of Woodlands Business Systems CC) is a well established web solution business. As an Internet Service Provider, ADSSA have the proper skills and structure to provide competitive, well-created websites that are visible and effective. Dynamic interactive websites with well designed database structures make it possible for both the small business as well as corporate organisations to benefit from the Internet market which is growing very rapidly. Various online marketing strategies are available to create higher sales for our valued clients.


Outdoor Heartbeat (Pty) Ltd is a South African based tour operator. We offer unique tours in the following fields in Southern Africa. We specialise in: Nature, Birding, Fly-Fishing, Custom Tours, Culture and Expeditions. Our tours are designed by the best qualified, experienced and active guides in their field. Outdoor Heartbeat also partners with area and subject specialists to ensure extreme customer satisfaction. We offer exciting 1 day tours to extended adventure filled 21 day tours. Our tours are filled with highlights, adventure and memories, so book your dream tour with us. Our tours cover countries like: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland and Lesotho.



The idea of the Birdwatcher website was born from the passion and love for God’s creation. Beautiful creatures like birds and animals around us and the smell of fresh air was the inspiration behind showing others something of what photographers experience in nature through their camera lenses. Birding hotspots is our initiative to provide our visitors with the opportunity to explore a birding route virtually in the comfort of their own space. With the 360 degree view of the area you can experience the whole scene, find what birds you can expect and what the terrain looks like.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Machine is a unique and innovative time saving solution that enables you to communicate with a broad audience across multiple social media networks simultaneously. By creating and publishing a single advert on Social Media Machine, your advert will automatically be published on your configured social media profiles and will display as if it was posted directly from the social media platforms. Social Media Machine will streamline social media advertising for mass marketing and give you the edge in the market.



WildArt is an initiative born from the passion for photography and design. We follow a unique approach by fusing professional photography and exceptional artistic design to create art that speaks for itself. Exclusivity is our aim, limited prints will be made of a specific design. The base of our artworks is professional wildlife and landscape photography, capturing a special or unusual moment that creates feeling and in some cases movement in a single photograph. These photographs are manipulated by using the latest design software to create a very unique piece of art.

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